Color Schemes: The Bad and The Ugly


Colour schemes are an important part of design. Bad colour schemes cause people to turn away from your brand or website. Carefully plan your colour scheme in order to promote yourself in the best way possible.

It is easy to notice a bad color scheme…

People seem to notice color schemes pretty much anywhere…


People get very attached and judgmental over them….


Color Combinations From HellーDeath Sentence For Your Designs – By Ann Davlin

“People are visual, so when they see a badly designed website they just run away. They won’t look for your ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ buttons because there is somebody with more user-friendly website waiting for them somewhere on the web. You have a lot of competitors, so don’t reduce your chances to generate conversions.

Most of the bad web design examples from this post were created long ago. Nobody cares about their redesign and they just exist. Meanwhile there are relatively new websites that were designed by some “professionals” who appear to have eyes at the back of their heads. Of course some designs below are hands-down ugly, some are better – still, all of them could have been made with more insightful colors approach. It’s very strange to see these sites because nowadays most people have an unlimited access to the web where they can learn everything (and the color theory too).”

When people see a bad web design they assume that it isn’t a good source or a legit site and will automatically click away. Using a good colour scheme is a great and easy way to look legit.



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