Nobody Notices Design: Until It Fails

Good design goes by unnoticed. One mistake and everyone thinks it’s hilarious. Bounce back from design failures and use them to promote new and better designs.


Everyone can agree that design fails are hilarious

The more painfully inconvenient the funnier…


Design fails even happen in the professional world…


Five Ways to Fail at Design-By Sohrab Vossoughi

“As much as the business world seems to admire design innovation these days, very few companies are doing it well. As the founder of a firm that helps businesses innovate, I’ve watched approvingly as design has gone from a niche topic to the covers of mainstream publications and the keynotes at business conferences. And yet, in 28 years of creative consulting, I have seen far more corporate design efforts fail than succeed.

The arguments in favor of these efforts have been solid: commercial markets are saturated with adequate offerings, consumers are more aware of alternatives and more discerning in their choices, and innovative design is an effective way to differentiate and communicate a brand. But while there are plenty of familiar examples of design-driven market success — Oxo, Apple, Umpqua Bank, Virgin Atlantic and Netflix, to name a few — they are the exceptions, not the rule.”

Design fails are hilarious and tend to be more popular than good design.




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