Typography Tid Bits



Typography can be a crucial part of a brand. Bad typography can interfere with peoples’ first impression of a brand. Be careful when deciding what typography to use and how its layout.

Using direction and a simple colour scheme keeps it simple yet engaging.

Simple and legible is the way to go, use an appropriate colour scheme.

Typography can make people feel a certain way and affect their first impression of a brand.

What is Good Typography?

“Good ty­pog­ra­phy is mea­sured by how well it re­in­forces the mean­ing of the text, not by some ab­stract scale of merit. Ty­po­graphic choices that work for one text won’t nec­es­sar­ily work for an­other. (Corol­lary: good ty­pog­ra­phers don’t rely on rote so­lu­tions. One size never fits all.)”

Typography when used correctly helps to give individuals a general idea about a brand. It can be used in ways that promote a certain mood or atmosphere that goes along with the brand.


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