Difficulties Deciphering: Where do I Find This?



There are websites and advertisements all around us that give us information. Advertisements and websites can be designed in such a way that makes information difficult to locate. Designers need to keep in mind their audience and design with function in mind.

It can happen on websites too.

It can lead to frustration and lack of usability.


Sometimes important infor is left out altogether.


Bad Web Design: A Look At The Most Hilariously Terrible Websites From Around The Web- By Brenda Barron

“(…)Sometimes it takes you to another screen that shows the item in more detail. Other times clicking on a picture takes you to another screen with all the items in that category. There isn’t a good menu structure for easy navigation.
An eCommerce site should make you want to stay and look around. The items for sale should be front and center. This site focuses too much on its flashing-in-the-dark gimmick. The purpose of the store is to sell the items, but this web design just makes me want to leave.”

There are many things that can turn users away from an advertisement or website but, difficult navigation is one of the major reasons. If people do not understand where to find the information they need immediately, they will look elsewhere.


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