Photoshop: When It’s Bad, It’s Really Bad


Adobe Photoshop can be used to help enhance and edit photos to look the way you want them to. It is very easy to accidentally mess up a photo if you are not paying careful attention to detail. Pay careful attention to the images you are editing, in order to avoid mishaps.

People will find any mistake you make and circulate it.

It could be considered a Photoshop fail when you alter an image too much.


Unless you are skilled in Photoshop, using it to fool your friends isn’t your best bet.


Not so flawless after all! These hilarious – and bizarre – Photoshop fails will leave you wondering how they EVER made it to print- By Esra Gurkan

“We are all aware that the majority of models who grace the covers of magazines and billboards are photoshopped.It is a useful photo-editing application that can smooth out our rough bits and make us look a little bit slimmer, or curvier. At times though, it can go wrong and obvious editing flaws can be missed before magazines go to print.”

Photoshop when used well can enhance and fix your images, when used poorly it will give your audience something to laugh about.


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