Signage: Wayfinding Tool or Unnecessary Confusion


There is signage everywhere to help us navigate our surroundings. Sometimes signage can be redundant and unnecessary. Signage needs to be monitored and designed to be straightforward and only placed where needed.

People enjoy making fun of unnecessary signs and notice immediately when a sign is basically useless.

People feel as though the signage is put up because they are not smart enough to understand basic things.


Rather than spending money on unnecessary signage it could go towards more important things.


Rip down pointless road signs, says Patrick McLoughlin- By Christopher Hope

“The Department for Transport is today publishing new traffic signs advisory guidance to give local authorities with hints of how to remove pointless signs, such as yellow “at any time” signs above double yellow lines which have been obsolete since 2002.
Officials published a list of the worst examples including a sign which said: “This sign is not in use” and another which warned: “Danger. Slippery puddle.’”

It’s not difficult for people to recognize when signage is unnecessary, it’s time to start removing unnecessary signage and start spending money on more pressing matters.


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