How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Audience-By Matt Borchert

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Photoshop: When It’s Bad, It’s Really Bad


Adobe Photoshop can be used to help enhance and edit photos to look the way you want them to. It is very easy to accidentally mess up a photo if you are not paying careful attention to detail. Pay careful attention to the images you are editing, in order to avoid mishaps.

People will find any mistake you make and circulate it.

It could be considered a Photoshop fail when you alter an image too much.


Unless you are skilled in Photoshop, using it to fool your friends isn’t your best bet.


Not so flawless after all! These hilarious – and bizarre – Photoshop fails will leave you wondering how they EVER made it to print- By Esra Gurkan

“We are all aware that the majority of models who grace the covers of magazines and billboards are photoshopped.It is a useful photo-editing application that can smooth out our rough bits and make us look a little bit slimmer, or curvier. At times though, it can go wrong and obvious editing flaws can be missed before magazines go to print.”

Photoshop when used well can enhance and fix your images, when used poorly it will give your audience something to laugh about.

Make it or Break it: The Importance of Design Planning


There is design aspects in almost every industry. Design is less effective when there is no planning or coherent thought process behind it. In order to make campaigns and other project as impactful as possible take the time to properly plan out the design.

Lack of design planning and consideration is even prevalent at major events.

Poor design planning can lead to decreased usability and frustration.


Poor design planning can cause campaigns to be less effective.


The 5 P’s of Success – Proper- Planning- Prevents- Poor- Performance- By Jennifer Brouwer

“Thoughtful, detailed planning is so important when starting a project. Start by making lists that detail what you want to accomplish (scope of work), who will be involved (the design team and trades), and what will you need to make it all happen (the budget). Be specific and research each category so that very detail has been addressed and nothing has been overlooked.”

Poor planning can ruin campaigns and other projects you find yourself working on. Remember to take time and consider the planning of your design before you go to execute it. It could save your project.

InDesign: Page Layout blessing or Complicated Design Curse


Adobe InDesign is a popular page design and layout program. There are many shortcuts to remember and confusing settings. Before attempting to make a spread in InDesign watch tutorials or ask for advice so you don’t stress yourself out too much.

InDesign causes unnecessary stress and confusion.

Grids and alignment tools can be difficult to locate and work with.

People even know before they try to use it that they are going to be confused.

The Worst Designed Feature in InDesign-David Blatner

“Everyone gets frustrated with InDesign sooner or later… even us! (And you know I truly love InDesign.) But a few features in this program go beyond just frustrating and enter a realm called “bang your head on the desk trying to figure out why Adobe did it this way.”
Don’t get me wrong—I know no one on the InDesign team designed these features maliciously in order to make our lives miserable. On the contrary, I know that those folks work long and hard to make the best product they can. And I’m sure they had the best of intentions. I suspect the engineers look back at some of these features and think, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.’”

Adobe InDesign can be very confusing to use and make you question why it was designed the way it was. However, once you get the hang of it you can make awesome page layouts.

Typography Tid Bits


Typography can be a crucial part of a brand. Bad typography can interfere with peoples’ first impression of a brand. Be careful when deciding what typography to use and how its layout.

Using direction and a simple colour scheme keeps it simple yet engaging.

Simple and legible is the way to go, use an appropriate colour scheme.

Typography can make people feel a certain way and affect their first impression of a brand.

What is Good Typography?

“Good ty­pog­ra­phy is mea­sured by how well it re­in­forces the mean­ing of the text, not by some ab­stract scale of merit. Ty­po­graphic choices that work for one text won’t nec­es­sar­ily work for an­other. (Corol­lary: good ty­pog­ra­phers don’t rely on rote so­lu­tions. One size never fits all.)”

Typography when used correctly helps to give individuals a general idea about a brand. It can be used in ways that promote a certain mood or atmosphere that goes along with the brand.

Nobody Notices Design: Until It Fails

Good design goes by unnoticed. One mistake and everyone thinks it’s hilarious. Bounce back from design failures and use them to promote new and better designs.


Everyone can agree that design fails are hilarious

The more painfully inconvenient the funnier…


Design fails even happen in the professional world…


Five Ways to Fail at Design-By Sohrab Vossoughi

“As much as the business world seems to admire design innovation these days, very few companies are doing it well. As the founder of a firm that helps businesses innovate, I’ve watched approvingly as design has gone from a niche topic to the covers of mainstream publications and the keynotes at business conferences. And yet, in 28 years of creative consulting, I have seen far more corporate design efforts fail than succeed.

The arguments in favor of these efforts have been solid: commercial markets are saturated with adequate offerings, consumers are more aware of alternatives and more discerning in their choices, and innovative design is an effective way to differentiate and communicate a brand. But while there are plenty of familiar examples of design-driven market success — Oxo, Apple, Umpqua Bank, Virgin Atlantic and Netflix, to name a few — they are the exceptions, not the rule.”

Design fails are hilarious and tend to be more popular than good design.