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Comic Sans: Do People Actually hate It?



Comic Sans is a very well known and easily recognizable font. Comic Sans has a reputation for being terrible. Do people actually hate it or are they just jumping on the bandwagon.

It is ICONIC, everyone can recognize it!

It’s one of the only typefaces people can use as an insult…

People love to hate it!

Do people actually hate comic sans or do they just love to hate it….

Comic Sans: Why all the Hate?- By Snapily

“Comic Sans has an interesting history. In a few short years, it’s gone from beloved to despised. What happened? Where did all the love go? In an age of internet memes and a celebration of the ridiculous, trolls on sites like Reddit have come to treat Comic Sans as the anathema of decent fonts. You’d never want to use it in on your resume, and certainly not on your term paper. It definitely doesn’t seem so organized if you’re a grant writer, sophisticated if your investment firm needs to submit proposals or your law firm affidavits.

The font initially exploded. It was actually used in many of the instances I mentioned above, as ridiculous as it might seem. But that’s the problem. Clearly, it was intended to fit a certain aesthetic and not push the boundaries of what might be considered a formal or even elegant font. For them, it’s been clearly overused: in warning labels and even on gravestones. That explains the visceral backlash over the last few years as it’s become the object of an endemic internet meme seemingly dedicated to eradicating the tool from the typist’s domain.”

As much as people seem to dislike Comic Sans it is a pretty successful font, everyone can recognize it and is one of the most well known. Everyone may claim to hate it but not everyone will have a reason why.